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How To Make The Ultimate Wedding Guest Statement

The rules that a wedding guest has to abide by are simple

1) Don’t flirt with the groom 2) Don’t wear white, and 3) Don’t outshine the bride.

Three rules that are so universal, they might as well come printed on the invitations. The first two rules are easy to follow but there is something about the third that makes a rule-breaker out of us all. Maybe, it’s because day-to-day life doesn’t offer enough occasions to don a fancy frock and heels! Whatever the reason, the struggle against the temptation to go all-out is real. However, don’t worry, it’s still possible to be totally on point while allowing the bride to shine. With our advice, you won’t get accused of thunder-stealing, but you will totally hold your own in the style stakes.

Wedding rules to live by. . .


Colour and length

Remember that the time and location of the wedding will determine both the length and the colour of your dress. An evening-do calls for maxi-length and can lend itself much better to colour (like jewel shades) than a day wedding. Wearing too strong a colour during the day is distracting in wedding photos (ditto for sombre black). However, that doesn’t mean you have to shroud yourself in a pastel sack - look more at the chalk and dusty shades which won’t wash you out, be sure to shine but still leave enough lime-light for the bride. The trick is to opt for timeless tailoring, which is both contemporary yet fitting of every formal occasion life can throw.

 Emma Dress-Multi




OK, we just disregarded pastel shades but let us back-track to say that they do have a time and place on the right girl, at the right time. If you are a romantic soul by nature, then it’s befitting that you might wear pastels. Just be strategic and avoid any shape that might get you confused for a bridesmaid.

Emma Dress-Blue

 Wedding guest dress





Florals are always a formal go-to, which means it’s easy to fall out of love with them. After all, if you turn up in the same poppy print dress as a fellow wedding guest, it’s not going to go unnoticed. It’s unfortunate, as there is a place for a floral print at a wedding. You just have to keep it totally current, with an on-trend twist. Think of palm leaves, orchids, digital and oversized prints and shop away from the high-street for a truly individual statement piece.

 Chloe Dress-Blue

Wedding guest dress




It doesn’t have to be a dress


From the minute that wedding invitation dropped through the door, 99% of the female wedding guests started dreaming dresses. Why not let yourself stand out from the majority by shopping from the category known as co-ords (skirts and tops, trousers and tops and even jumpsuits)? Guaranteed uniqueness.

 Emily Skirt



In essence, the day isn’t about you, but it’s ok to want to shine. Aspire to be feminine and chic with timeless tailoring, and you’ll go a long way to looking and feeling fabulous!



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