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How to nail transitional dressing - Spring/Summer 2017

For the optimists, summer is already here – bringing with it sandals and bare legs. For the pessimists, go-to footwear remains winter boots paired with layers. Right now, it seems like never the two camps shall meet and come to an agreement on what season we are actually in (at the start of Spring). This is why we are happy to present a middle-ground, think of it like a fashion peace-core, known as ‘transitional’.


What is transitional?


‘Transitional’ is a series of epiphanies when you realise you are too hot in your winter coat but too cold when you take it off. This also includes being freezing in the morning when you set off for work, but boiling on the commute home. It’s a confusing time that occurs sometime in early spring, so it’s best to think of it as a middle season, a little stop off before we hit Summer. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it sounds and, too often, it’s a place where many lose their way – which is why we have put together this indispensable guide below; how to nail spring transitional in 5 easy steps.


Spring transitional


  • Don’t go overboard


Remember that transitional itself is not a season and don’t go totally overboard on a new wardrobe just yet. After all, it’s far too early to predict how warm summer will go; if temps soar, your carefully selected layers are void, but if temps plummet then you can forget about dresses that require bare legs.


  • Little white blouse




Nothing says spring like a crisp white blouse, which pivots every season, so it’s important to invest in one for the transitional period. We love the Liz white blouse since it’s sleeveless silhouette lends itself perfectly to beautiful sunny days, but can also be combined with a cardigan when the chill sets in.


  • Crop your denim


Don’t let the fact that it’s chilly deter you from showing your ankles! It’s time to pack away the full-length trousers that have been your comfort zone since Autumn and get on board with rolling your jeans into an ankle skimming crop for fresh spring feels. And yes, this means forgetting about socks – after all, your feet have been in winter boots all season and pleading to be let free, but do hold off before you jump straight to the flip-flops.


  • Floral fun

Ah, welcome florals! Nothing says spring quite like flowers, and we just love the Emily skirt which has the tulip as a muse. Wear now with tights and then with bare legs when temps soar, safe in the knowledge that this investment piece will take you right through the transitional period and beyond!



  • Sunglasses Style


It’s just wrong to have your sunglasses on during winter (even with the low glaring sun) but in the transitional period it’s so right – dig them out now, even if it’s just for 15 mins, as nothing says spring like shades.


There you go, 5 easy steps to help you flawlessly transition into spring (no thanks needed).


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